Hybrid Communication

Executive Summary:

Combing all the benefits of private and commercial cellular networks, being based on top-grade telco hardware and our proprietary software, FV-HCN (Hybrid Cellular Network) and FV-HNIV (Hybrid Network in a Box) provide its users with full-scale network management, resiliency, security, wide range of additional edge services (PTT over cellular, video streaming, chats and many others), ability to support BYOD/BYOS, service Ad-Hoc users with commercial SIM's and regular phones.

Key Products:


The hybrid cellular network resolves the continuous  connectivity challenge by using more than one type of connecting technology and topology.

Hybrid netorks are based on the deployment of a dedicated private cellular core within one’s own premise. 

It can operate either independently or as an extension to the commercial network(s) via an authorised link – the concept is similar to a secure MNO with a roaming connection.


FV-Hybrid Network is a Box for mobile network deployment supporting remote site, emergency or tactical operations with Ad-Hoc subscriber support and world-wide connectivity.