The FV-550’s (ALBATROSS) amplified fuselage and gear are engineered to endure multiple takeoffs and landings during a day, as well as high rated maneuvering accelerations and high speed. It is noteworthy that the carrier is made of composite material with low Radar Cross Section, and like the HEAVY VTOL UAV 150H, takeoff, en-route flight, and landing of the drone are automatic, with the operator only needed to press the button to permit take-off, after which the next procedures are done automatically. The diagnostics, flight mission entering and remote control can be accessed through the wireless Internet feature of the FV-550.

The primary usage of the FV-550 (ALBATROSS) include:

  • Video surveillance and monitoring
  • Payload dropping, with a maximum capacity of 150kg
  • Payload delivery and autonomous transporting
  • Jamming
  • Radio link range extension and retransmission
  • Target pointing and designation
  • Research and development focused primarily on meteorology and hydrology amongst others
  • Monitoring the earth’s surface for mapping purposes amongst others.Having established this, it is safe to say the FV-550 (ALBATROSS) is more than a good fit, as it is built to serve this purpose.
The general characteristics of the FV-550 (ALBATROSS) includes:
  • A wing span of 15m.
  • A length of 6.6m
  • An height of 1.7m
  • The wing area covers 12.26m2
  • An aspect ratio of 18.3
  • An empty weight of 310 kg
  • A maximum takeoff weight of 550 kg
  • Fuel tanks capacity of 260 Liters, with the weight at 195 kg
  • A maximum payload of 240 kg, (with fuel inclusive) A ROTAX 9121S or analogue engine type.
  • Cruising speed (75% power): 200km/h
  • Endurance (max): 19 hours
  • Range distance: 3200km, (30 min reserves)
  • Service ceiling: 6000m
  • Max load factor permitted (x 1. 8): +4g -2g
  • Fuel consumption at cruise speed: 13, 4 l/hour
  • Generator: 3kW -12V