Our UAV 150H has a high payload capacity, high performance and very economical unmanned helicopter, that has an extended flight time powered by gasoline engine, based on the “CH-7” platform. This drone effectively transmits the ideology of a reliable and commercially available helicopter, albeit with improved performance. One of the major features of the HEAVY VTOL UAV 150H includes the automatic take-off, en-route flight, and landing, which requires only one button to be pressed by the operator to permit the take-off, after which the next procedures are done automatically.

The HEAVY VTOL UAV 150H is tailor suited to that goal, as it is built for optimal efficiency with the following under listed capacity and features:

  • Video surveillance and monitoring
  • A Payload capacity of up to 150 kg with 2 hours flight)
  • A payload delivery and autonomous transporting system
  • A Radio linked range extension and retransmission
  • Target pointing and designation
  • A research and development flying laboratory focused primarily on meteorology and hydrology amongst others.

The general characteristics of the HEAVY VTOL UAV 150H includes:

  • A main rotor diameter of 6.3m
  • A length of 7m
  • A height of 2.4m
  • A wheelbase of 1.5m
  • An empty weight of 295kg
  • A maximum takeoff weight of 500kg
  • Fuel tanks capacity of 225L, with the weight at 170kg
  • A maximum payload of 150kg on 2 hours flight
  • Rotax 915 or analogue engine type.
  • Cruising speed: 160 km/h
  • Maximum speed: 203 km/h
  • Range distance: 1000 km, (30 min reserves)
  • Endurance (with 70 kg payload): 8 hours
  • Endurance (with 100 kg payload): ~6 hours
  • Service ceiling: 5,000 m
  • Max climb rate: 5 m/s